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Dr. Lily David Institute of Health and Healing, Inc., is founded upon a new and innovative science called Spiritualpsychodynamics and the Teletherapeutic™ practice called Soul Care Ministries. Dr. Lily David Institute's vision is to dramatically improve the treatment outcomes of ill-health by resolving the underlying stress that is root-causal to a multitude of autoimmune-related diseases—and psychological disorders—quality of care that goes beyond diagnosing and treating providing real healing. Dr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing provides a proven, operationalized methodology of combined spiritual and psychological care called Spiritualpsychodynamics, administered exclusively online to alleviate the stress underlying many diseases. Dr. Lily David Institute answers the call to resolve perhaps the most pervasive ill-health causing issues in human health care today.


Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is a new and innovative way to achieve better health care outcomes and an improved, stress-free quality of life. Spiritualpsychodynamics combines the spiritual and emotional health care practices, together with medical and mental health sciences, to effectively treat the stress known to be root-causal to many diseasesClick here to visit

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