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Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is a new and innovative way to achieve better health and a better quality of life.


Scientific research proves stress causes disease.[1] For example, stress is proven to be an underlying causal factor of over 100 autoimmune-related diseases [2] and is a significant factor in many mental health disorders.[3] But what are the underlying factors causing the stress? Until today, this important question has been left largely unanswered by science. Introducing a new and innovative field of theory and practice founded to alleviate human stress underlying diseases called Spiritualpsychodynamics. Spiritualpsychodynamics is an effective method of eliminating stress by combining spiritual modalities of healing with modern psychodynamic psychotherapeutic principles to root out the underlying stress causing many diseases. The Spiritualpsychodynamics solution is administered via a Teletherapeutic Care Model delivered exclusively online. Dr. Lily David Institute delivers this whole person health care solution for treating the underlying factors of stress causing these diseases. Click here for more information.


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A new name for an innovative way to receive whole health care using methods and practices that have been proven effective over decades, centuries, and millennia.

We hope you are curious!

What Is It?

A collection of journals, blogs, and writings on a variety of topics related to healing, wholeness, health, faith, spiritual principles and concepts that drive learning more of the personal aspects of applying the concepts of Spiritualpsychodynamics.



Scientific research, clinical studies, scholarly articles, and theoretical critiques which provide the professional provider community with further information in support of the principles, process, and purpose of Spiritualpsychodynamics.

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